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While I am now more commonly being nicknamed “Jazzy,” my name is Jasmine! I currently live in California and previously lived in Utah – I cannot get enough of the beach or palm trees! I grew up on a farm in Colorado raising cows, pigs, and turkeys. I enjoy being outdoors, making new “jazzy creations” in my kitchen, surrounding myself with friends, learning new things, and being active!

I embarked on my fitness journey in 2012. It all started at a local gym in Utah – I loved being surrounded by such a positive atmosphere, and found the ability to utilize the body’s potential a very powerful thing. From there, I began researching proper nutrition and experimented with my own nutrition over the span of MANY months to find what would work for me (and am still continuously learning). It was continuous research and experimentation. As I was learning about nutrition, creating new recipes, and seeing myself progress, I created an Instagram (@jazzythings) to document my progress, hold myself accountable, and share these recipes I was experimenting with.

At the time, I was putting my Masters degree in Human Resources to use at Nestle USA, working at a Dreyer’s Ice Cream plant. In the midst of this, I became extremely passionate about creating and sharing new recipes, and I started to learn more about the fitness and nutrition world. I realized that there was so much opportunity for me to continue to share my passion. I decided that if I wasn’t fully happy and embarking on new opportunities and challenges in my current role in the corporate environment, then I was going to do something about it! I took my life savings and I quit my corporate job to pursue my passion, step away from feeling stagnant, set new goals, accept change, and to never be satisfied! It was scary, liberating, adventurous, exciting, and worth it!

I now continue to share my recipes via Instagram and my e-cookbooks as well as cooking classes , compete in bodybuilding competitions and am newly pursuing powerlifting (LOVING the pursuit of strength), and I aim to live life to the fullest….it has so much to offer! I’m following my dreams, and I have taught myself that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! My journey is only just beginning; thanks for coming along for the ride :-)

Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Questions? Feedback? Pizza? I want it all!

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