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Workshops are positive, fun, interactive, and customized exactly to what YOU want to learn and experience!

Every workshop has hands-on interaction, giveaways, demonstrations, Q&A, learning, and healthy tips and tricks that every attendee will walk away with and be able to apply to their daily life.

See the options below for ideas of Jazzy Workshops! Contact jazzy via the ‘Meet Jazzy’ tab for more information.

Jazzy Workshops

My most popular class! Is your audience new to healthy eating and wondering where to start? We will start from the basics, review what to look for in the grocery store, and review how to make healthy eating flavorful, fun, and easy!
Let’s spend time making your favorite desserts into healthy versions! Protein cheesecake, granola bars, brownies, macaroons…the options are endless! I will teach you all about substituting ingredients and provide all the tips & tricks you would need to start turning your favorite desserts into healthier options!
Do you need to add more creativity to your dishes? Do you want to learn how to make your favorite meals into healthier versions? Learn to make healthy, flavorful dishes for you, your friends, and your family!
I will come into your kitchen and prepare a three-course dinner for you and your family or friends. Receive in-person demonstrations and experience taste bud parties! (This class would target a smaller audience [5-8] than the “Meal Ideas” workshop, and would be a more personalized event.)
Tips & tricks to meal prepping! I will share things I have learned to make meal prepping efficient and no-hassle to you.
I have a strong background in Human Resources/corporate training. Health and safety of your employees should be a number one priority! The healthier your employees, not only the better their well-being, but it also saves you money! I will come into your workplace and share a presentation with employees teaching them how to incorporate healthier nutrition decisions into their every day lives. How to pack healthy meals for work, how to make healthier decisions when eating out, and how they can maintain effortless.
Would you like me to speak at an upcoming event? I enjoy motivational speaking, sharing my story, and helping others discover their passion.